Sustainable Shoes

Sustainable Shoes

We are proud to provide our customers with a natural and cruelty-free alternative to the footwear industry. 

Our materials are carefully selected to offer you the ultimate in comfort, warmth and durability and are sourced from some of the best available renewable raw materials.

To the left is one of our designs that was featured in the Sustainability issue of VOGUE Brazil with Gisele Bündchen in 2018.


Sustainable fashion brands we love.

Some of our favorite looks from our friends in the Sustainable Fashion Industry in Rio de Janeiro.



Our unique design is based on the coconut husk's natural shock-absorber property based on a scientific concept called biomimicry.


Its purpose in nature is to soften the impact when the coconut falls from the tree and protect the shell from breaking when it hits the ground. That is why we have incorporated the layers of spiralled, naturally pliable coconut fibres linked together with high-elasticity natural latex and wrapped in soft, organic cotton textile insoles to our footwear line.


It is exceptionally breathable and wicks away moisture quickly. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable while insuring a more sustainable alternative to the ones found in the market today. 

100% Natural Comfort.


To create strong, mobile and painfree feet you must load them. The best way to do that? 


Spend time barefoot. 👣


Going barefoot (or wearing human shoes that let your feet function like they would barefoot, such as our coconut fibre footwear line) mobilizes the 33 joints in each foot, allows your feet to act as sensors of the ground below you and starts to fire the complex network of muscles in each foot


Shoes that are rigid, cushioned and supportive don’t let your feet function optimally and eventually create stiffness and weakness.


Our innovative design allows for the coconut fibre insole to mould to your body as you wear it, without changing your natural footprint. It is breathable, antibacterial and its 100% biodegradable.

Customer Reviews

The joya da terra sandals are beautiful, comfortable and sustainable. We need more companies that have this initiative for our environment.

Patricia Baldoni

"Excellent quality products! What caught my attention the most is the affection with what is sold. Sustainable material, valued labor! For more brands with this better world thinking."

Luna Berbert

Comfortable and stylish, I bought the men's jeans model. Fine workmanship and quality material!

Antonio Gomes