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Coming from the Swahili (Africa) language “Joya” means coconut coir, in Portuguese it means Jewel, illustrating the endless benefits of the coconut tree. Our mission is to provide the market with toxic- free products that promote a healthy lifestyle for both its customers and its employees, following a business model that can help us step into the next level of “zero waste” manufacturing, reduce oil consumption and carbon emissions. The hand made quality of this product makes it one of a kind while insuring comfort and durability, and a brighter future for our planet. We are proud to help reduce the amount of waste directed to landfills in our community by opting for PET Plastic Recycled textiles,  up to 9 bottles are recycled for every square meter of fabric used.


Design Thinking


The Isabella Sandal

The Annabella

Eco Espadrille

Made with thin layers of ECOSUMMER textile developed from Recycled Plastic technology, the Isabella features an 8 mm coconut fiber insole, for ultimate comfort and breathability, as well as  eco-leather  straps. Available in limited edition prints and sizes find yours here.

A variation from our popular Isabella Flat, it features our recycled cotton canvas for those who prefer a more natural look. The toe cover provides an extra layer of protection and stability for more formal events. Available in limited edition prints and sizes, visit our online store to find your size.

Our version of the famous French flats, the Unisex Eco espadrille combines the ECOSUMMER textiles with the  limited edition handwoven prints in a larger variety of print combination and sizes, It is the perfect alternative to your everyday needs. Find your favorite combination here.


Limited Edition

The footwear industry predominantly uses petroleum-based products that are cheap to manufacture but are often unsustainable, many products can even contain known carcinogenic chemicals such as the leather dies that can render land infertile and seriously affect all marine life and the entire food chain.


Help us promote a better future for our planet, this business model can be duplicated in many coconut manufacturing countries like the Philippines, India, Indonesia, etc. Countries that also suffer from a lack of government interest in Sustainability.


By giving a new value to materials that are traditionally considered waste, we are creating a business model that would create safe, toxic free jobs and encourage the local government to in force recycling efforts in their communities.


Brazil is a very large country with abundant natural resources, that are being threatened by industrialization and bad environmental policies. A few farmers still hang on to their land by exporting 90-100% of its harvest, leaving little if any to the local population who end up having to pay the final exporting price of the goods.


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